cleary grown

Revolutionary Ideas.

What is “revolutionary”?  That term is often thrown around in the hydroponic horticulture industry.  It seems each new venture is “revolutionary” despite nearly all of these operations being incredibly similar.  At Clearly Grown, we have set out a goal of earning the term revolutionary. 
Clearly Grown is a Minnesota based company focused on producing the highest quality, cleanest, and healthiest produce, all at prices that are competitive with currently grown field crops.  We will accomplish this with our unique growing methods in greenhouses where we use 80% less water than traditionally grown crops, and no pesticides or other harmful chemicals. 
Our facility won’t look like other hydroponic grow operations because it won’t be like them.  Our transformative growing system will allow us to combine the quality, taste, and health of hydroponic production all at a cost that no longer necessitates hydroponic produce being priced as a specialty market item.  At Clearly Grown we will make hydroponic production the new standard in produce for retail consumers. 

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